About us

about us

From women to women

We create unique beauty supplements with meticulous attention to detail, driven by efficacy in anti-aging prevention and treatment.


Beauty comes from within and this belief guided us to create Ophia. The name was not chosen by chance, as in its interpretation it reflects everything precious. Precious about your beauty and youth.

A new era

We invest in an advanced category of highly effective ingestible beauty products. Combining patented, clinically proven ingredients with nature’s timeless alchemy, we offer potent solutions in capsule form that meet the needs of the modern woman – the one who takes care of herself, the one who wants to feel her best, the one who doesn’t compromise.

A beauty ritual

Self-care comes in many forms. And yet, a capsule with the necessary nutrients that gives prominence to your beauty from the inside, can be one of them. Incorporate Ophia into your small, daily “rituals” to offer generous nourishment to your skin and undeniable self-confidence.


Our formulations are free of toxic preservatives, additives, fragrances and sweeteners. We use gluten-free ingredients and none of our products are tested on animals. Regarding packaging, we only choose 100% recyclable materials.